Relational and family therapy – System therapy

System therapy is also known as family and relationship therapy. Here people typically go into treatment together. If one of the members of the system has a problem, the whole system suffers from it. Conversely, the system can be helpful if one of the members has a problem. Both strengthening mutual relationships and a healthy response pattern contribute to the reduction of symptoms. Often someone’s symptoms have to do with problems in his/her personal living ambiance. An individual treatment is only effective to a certain extend. In this case the individual client changes, but the behaviour of the other members of the system remains the same. System therapy however sets the system in motion and works on a closer connection, allowing for a more sustainable recovery of the symptoms.

In my private practice family therapy is not offered.

There is a Dutch Association for Relational and Family Therapy, the NVRG.
They have a site:
There is a tab for clients with both written information and film material.