Complaints about the treatment by your practitioner or the treatment you can best discuss with me. It may be misunderstandings that can be resolved in a conversation.
When problems cannot be solved directly with me, you can use the possibility of mediation by the LVVP. This is the national association of independent psychotherapists and psychologists.
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If mediation does not offer a solution, you can contact the complaints committee of the LVVP and the complaints committee of the NIP. This is the Dutch Institute for psychologists.
The complaints committee of the LVVP consists of an independent chairman, a representative from the client organizations and a member of the LVVP.
The complaint is then studied, taking into account the Law on the Complaints of the Client Care Sector and the professional code for psychotherapists.
You can also find information in the brochure ‘complaint about care, what to do now?’ published by the Dutch patients consumer federation (NPCF).

After the treatment is completed, I will send you a short questionnaire in which you can indicate what your opinion is about the quality of the treatment.
I really appreciate it if you fill in and return this short questionnaire.