Information for the referrer

You can refer to the practice when treatment is required within:

  • General basic ggz
  • Special care ggz

In case your client is referred to us,  with written permission of the client, we keep you informed of the process by letter. This takes place after both the intake procedure and after the completion of treatment.

If you, as a referrer, wish to sign up a client, we will always ask for a referral letter. The referral letter needs to contain some important data, as stated in ‘referencing and signing up’. Whenever a client refers himself using the registration form at the homepage, it must be accompanied by a referral letter from the general practitioner.

To be able to correctly refer to the practice, it is important to include the following data:

  • Name, date of birth, and BSN number.
  • General basic or special GGZ.
    (In case you refer to general basic GGZ, you can present the following options: short, average, intense or chronic).
  • A short explanation for a referral and the hypothesis diagnosis conform DSM 5
  • In case you used a screening instrument, please attach the results.

For an example of a referral, see ‘referral and signing up’.