Cooperation is an essential part to the high quality standards of healthcare.

Psychotherapy practice Drs. A. Notermans has a cooperation with the following partners:

  • Drs. J. Roeffen, clinical psychologist BIG art. 14 and 3
  • Drs. M. Roosen: behavioral therapist BIG art. 3
  • Drs. L. von Essen: psychotherapist BIG art. 3
  • Drs Vandenberghe: psychiatrist BIG art. 14

Psychotherapy practice Drs. A. Notermans also works together with:
a cooperation GGZ with general healthcare practice: healthcare center Mercuur.

  • General practitioner Drs. F. van der Pluijm
  • General practitioner Drs. H. Scholberg
  • General practitioner Drs. A. Commissaris
  • General practitioner Drs. T. Scheffers
  • Practice assistant GGZ Mw. I. Vonsee
  • Psychiatrist Drs. R. Tillema
  • Psychotherapist Drs. A. van Nunen

Psychotherapy practice Drs. A. Notermans also works together with ELZ’ Achtse Barrier
the general healthcare practices of Achtse Barrier:

  • Health Care Center Achtse Barrier
  • Medical Center Artois

Psychotherapy practice Drs. A. Notermans works together with ‘Medisch Centrum Boschdijk’
a practice for general Healthcare in Eindhoven

Post Master Education partnership:
Psychotherapy practice Drs. A. Notermans also has a partnership with several independent health institutions and practices for providing practical training places and provides post master training for mental health psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) and for psychotherapist.
This in a cooperation with institutions for postacademic/postmaster education.
During the diagnostic phase and during the treatment, which can partly be carried out by a psychologist, student of the post master program of mental health psychologist ‘GZ-psycholoog’  1 or more members of this team can be involved.
Of course this will only take place if you agree.

Participating members of this practice:

  • Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Mental health psychologist, clinical neuropsychologist ; certified supervisor Drs. A.M.J.T. Notermans; BIG art 3 and 14
  • Psychotherapist Drs. L. von Essen; BIG art. 3, mental health psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) and psychotherapist, supervisor
  • Nursing specialist mental health care MSc. R. Stals; BIG art.14among others for the guidance at the medical treatment
  • Psychiatrist Drs. R. Tillema; BIG art 14 for psychiatric diagnostics and medical support
  • R.R.A.T. Tan, MSc clinical psychology in training to mental health psychologist
    (GZ-psycholoog) . At September 1 2018 Mr. Tan will continue his training for 4 days a week at Buro T3.
  • Mental health psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) Mr. I. Akkaya, offers treatments in the ‘generalistische basis GGZ’ and in ‘specialistische GGZ’.